The latest news from the presidential election campaign trail

Candidates for the 2023 Presidential Elections in Cyprus made statements on Friday on the occasion of OXI day, which commemorates the rejection by Greek prime minister Ioannis Metaxas of the ultimatum by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on 28 October 1940.


Democratic Rally Head and candidate for the elections Averof Neophytou said that Hellenes’ ΟΧΙ was a supreme expression of patriotism. He said, in a written statement, that today we honor and remain grateful for the great struggle and the unity of the Greeks and we draw lessons for our own fight for a free and secure Cyprus.


Independent candidate Andreas Mavroyiannis in a written statement said that the resistance of the Greek people was the beacon for the rest of the people of Europe and sent the message that the hordes of fascists and Nazis were not invincible.


Mavroyiannis said that thousands of Cypriots Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, fought and gave their lives in the battlefields of WWII, adding that the people’s resistance to the war is the compass that reminds us of our duty today.


Mavroyiannis also attended an event in Famagusta district on Thursday evening and sent messages for gender equality and change in the society. He discussed with participants issues that concern women and the society in general, corruption and the Cyprus problem.


Independent candidate Nikos Christodoulides attended the student parade in Athienou, in Larnaca district and laid a wreath at the memorial for the fallen and those gone missing.


He also spoke with locals for issues of concern in the region, and discussed their problems and challenges they are faced with. He also outlined his proposals on a number of issues he discussed with residents.


George Kolokasides in a written statement said that ‘’OXI’’ came out of the deep historical consciousness of Hellenism and its refusal to capitulate to Italian fascism.


He added that this was the desire of the Greeks for the great anti-fascist struggle, in which Cyprus also participated with many volunteers.


Source: Cyprus News Agency