The latest news from the presidential election campaign trail

Candidates for the 2023 Presidential elections continued on Wednesday their campaign which included visits and talks. In their statements they spoke about the economic future of Cyprus, the strategy for the Cyprus Problem, the pension plans, the investigation of the murder of Thanasis Nicolaou in 2005, among other issues.


Your choices determine the future of the country, whether Cyprus will manage the new, big threat that is coming, will continue its development dynamics or will go back to the years of social grocery stores, President of Democratic Rally (DISY) and candidate for President of the Republic, Averof Neofytou said.


He also said that his goal is for Cyprus to maintain its strong economy, with a structured political program and a productive model based on sustainability, transparency, the digital transition with the “endowment” of the Anastasiades-Democratic Rally Government, namely, the Recovery Fund.


Speaking at an event in Psimolofou, organised by the DISY Kerynia, he said that the Cyprus issue will be solved with realistic initiatives and referred to his proposal on the matter.


“I proposed that the security aspect should become a matter for NATO as well. And to release the energy potential of the region by giving Europe and our neighborhood an alternative corridor” he said.


Now is the time for the progressive change that our country so desperately needs, the time to turn the page, said the independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Andreas Mavroyiannis, saying that Averof Neofytou and Nicos Christodoulides stated that they want to follow the same path as “continuators of the Anastasiades government”.


He considers – as he said – a mockery of Cypriot society, that they appear today as if they want to solve these problems. “They are part of the problem. They cannot be part of the solution. They belong to the side that created the problems or that let them grow,” he said.


In his speech on Tuesday evening in Eleftherias Square at the event for the presentation of his positions, Mavroyiannis first referred to high prices, noting that Cyprus is fourth from the end in relation to the rest of the European countries in support policies to deal with high prices.


Former President, Giorgos Vasiliou, expressed his support with a message at the event. AKEL announced that the event was a “loud message to all that Andreas Mavrogiannis will lead a progressive government, which can bring Cyprus back to the place it deserves and generate home and prospect for tomorrow”.


“There is one option that can give perspective to the hope for a solution to the Cypriot problem. And this is none other than the election of Andreas Mavroyiannis to the highest office of the Republic of Cyprus”, says AKEL in a press release. “Averof Neofytou and Nicos Christodoulides, who clearly declare themselves to be co-formators and continuers of the obviously failed policy of Anastasiades, do not represent an option capable of effectively dealing with the nightmarish reality we live in today,” the press release adds.


The complete investigation of the case of the death of the soldier Thanasis Nikolaou can satisfy society’s sense of justice, independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Nicos Christodoulides, said in a statement.




”The complete clarification of the circumstances of Thanasis Nikolaou’s death is a legal as well as a moral obligation of the state, which remains seriously exposed for 17 whole years”, the statement notes.


Within this context, any responsibilities for acts and omissions surrounding the insufficient, according to the ECHR and the conclusion of the criminal investigators, investigation of the case should be sought and attributed, it is added.


Only the complete investigation of the case can satisfy society’s sense of justice and vindicate, even belatedly, the family of a citizen of the Republic, who met a tragic end while serving his military service, the announcement concludes.


The concealment of the entire report from the family of Thanasis Nikolaou is unacceptable and, together with the removal of the criminal investigator Savvas Matsas from the investigations, raises many questions about the willingness of the Law Office to receive answers, the independent candidate for President of the Republic, George Colocasides, says in a statement.


Meanwhile, it was announced that polling stations will operate abroad for voters who are already registered on the electoral roll or will be registered by December 27, 2022.


An announcement by the Ministry of the Interior states that in the presidential election on February 5, 2023, and in a possible run-off election on February 12, 2023, polling stations will operate abroad, for voters who are already registered on the electoral roll or will be registered by December 27, 2022.


Source: Cyprus News Agency