The Events Fund at Asharqia Chamber reflects the area of giving and support to businessmen and businesswomen

In line with the vision of Asharqia Chamber, which is represented in leadership and excellence in the interests of the business sector in the Eastern Region, their presence and the organization of their relations with society in its broader sense, not only in the economic sphere of profit, but in other social and humanitarian aspects, “the Events Fund” initiative was launched 16 years ago.

The initiative aims to organize the contributions and initiatives of businessmen to serve the community in the region in particular and the country in general, especially after raising the level of awareness and increase the area of giving and support of businessmen and businesswomen.

The Events Fund, one of the most important national initiatives adopted by Asharqia Chamber, is part of its social responsibility, its keenness on leadership, excellence and active contribution to the economic and social development of the Eastern Region that to emphasize the need to create an institutional framework to regulate the process, increase its effectiveness to serve the community, reduce repetition and randomization and achieve the desired results of this support, which is based on the vision of the Fund to provides for excellence in the development of community work through the consolidation of energies and efforts to serve the people of the Eastern Region.

In 2003, this initiative was launched after the establishment of a detailed organizational framework for the Fund and defining its tracks and objectives and field of activity in order to continue to give with all seriousness and enthusiasm continue under the slogan (Continue without borders) amid appreciation by all government and social agencies in the Eastern Region, with great interaction by entrepreneurs, which led to further development in the events supported and adopted by the Fund.

The Fund’s mission based on the contribution to the introduction of a new model of community action through mobilizing the efforts of businessmen and unifying their orientations to provide the necessary funding for the programs, events and social and humanitarian events of the Eastern Region to consolidate the spirit of cooperation and solidarity among all members of society and improve the reputation and prestige of the Eastern Region and its appearance.

The focus of the Fund’s activities is to contribute to social development in the region through the provision of funding programs and social events in the Eastern Region and unite the direction of businessmen to support social projects and the development and social role in the Eastern region.

In this sense, the Fund gives a new model of social work models carried out by entrepreneurs, and seeks to consolidate the spirit of belonging among the people of the Eastern Region in the forefront of entrepreneurs who provided ideals and example of belonging to the nation and their readiness to serve the community.

During the past life of the Fund, it initiated financial support for a number of occasions, most notably organizing the celebration of the people of the Eastern Region of Eid al-Fitr from its establishment until 1440.

The main ceremony is in the first day of the Eid, as well as the events accompanying the ceremony, which takes place in a number of sites and malls in the region throughout the Eid holiday.

It is also organizing the participation of the people of the Eastern Region to celebrate the National Day during these years, and these contributions were more distinctive year after year.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund and Chairman of Asharqia Chamber Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi said that the Fund has the support and guidance of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, Prince of the Eastern Province, where he is keen to renew work and provide the best through a community partnership between the people of the region and the business sector in order to provide the Fund distinctive programs that serve the region.

Al-Khaldi explained that the celebrations of the people of the Eastern Region of Eid al-Fitr 1440 is organized by the Fund under the auspices and honor of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, Prince of the Eastern Region, as you will witness many new events and pleasant surprises, which will be a gift provided by the Events Fund in the Chamber to the parents and visitors of the region during the Eid.

Al-Khaldi explained that the Events Fund discussed many entertainment

modern programs and concluded with a special program commensurate with the tastes and concerns of parents and visitors.

The program is also keen to provide a range of events that mimic the interests of children in a number of sites. He pointed out that the invitation is general to all and that all the events are provided free of charge.

Al-Khalidi stressed the keenness of the Events Fund, represented by businessmen in the Eastern Region, to meet and implement in line with the wishes of the people and visitors of the region in Eid.

He also reviewed a range of new initiatives and ideas in the entertainment world to eventually lead to various events aimed at entertainment and winning prizes on a daily basis.

Source: Asharqia Chamber