The EU must protect its member states, Defence Minister stresses

Defence Minister Savvas Angelides has expressed Cyprus steadfast support to efforts to implement the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) with a view to achieve tangible results soon, adding that the EU must protect its member states, as provided by the priorities of the EU Global Strategy.

Angelides was speaking during the informal meeting of the EU Defence Ministers that took place in Bucharest, a PIO press release noted, adding that the number of any new programmes will have to be limited and cover crucial operational deficiencies of the EU potentials.

Stability and security in the broader region in the south of the EU is of great important for the European security. In this framework the implementation of the solidarity provision, which is article 42.7 of the Treaties is important more than ever. Solidarity of member states with a member state facing an offensive against its territory is of pivotal importance. It is self-evident, Angelides stressed, that any offensive against the territory of a member state constitutes an attack against the EU itself.

According to the press release, as regards Sophia operation in the central Mediterranean, Cyprus supports its continuation, bearing in mind its successful results so far.

Angelides had on the sidelines of the meeting, bilateral encounters with some of his counterparts, as well as with the European Defence Agency Chief Executive.

Source: Cyprus News Agency