The EMU Rector’s Office Releases a Statement on The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

The Eastern Mediterranean University is deeply saddened to hear of the catastrophic fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

The fire that took place at Notre Dame Cathedral, a unique treasure of architecture with a history of 850 years and an important symbol for the world of Christianity, has caused a great shock and sadness in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as in all countries. With an awareness of the importance of the preservation of our historical and cultural heritage, our University is fully committed to contribute to the protection of our country’s assets and ready to partake in any cooperation towards fulfilling this purpose.

As the Eastern Mediterranean University, whilst stating that we should learn from the aforesaid devastating event, we once again highlight the necessity of taking all the measures for the preservation of all historical assets in our country.

We express our deepest solidarity with France and the French Nation at this difficult time.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University