The Cyprus government offers Euros 10 million for the victims of the deadly fires in Greece

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus has decided to offer financial aid worth 10 million euro for the victims of the deadly forest fires in Greece.

Speaking after today’s Cabinet meeting, Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said the government expresses its deep sorrow for the loss of human lives, hopes that those still missing will be found and wishes a quick recovery to the injured.

The Council of Ministers, at the suggestion of President Anastasiades and in an expression of solidarity with the Greek people, took today four decisions in this respect.

First, to open an account with the Central Bank of Cyprus and commercial banks. Second, to deposit in this account a contribution of 10 million euro. Third, to appeal to the business world and the public at large to make, if they wish, financial contributions to these accounts. Four, to call on any organized group or organization that wishes to host events to collect money for the victims and the affected areas in Greece to deposit the money they collect in these accounts.

The total amount to be gathered, Prodromou concluded, will be allocated to specific projects for the relief and the support of the victims after consultation with the Greek Government.

Source: Cyprus News Agency