Terrorism also concerns Cyprus, Cypriot MEP tells CNA [VIDEO]

Terrorism is a problem which also concerns Cypriots, not just because of their travels in other European countries, Cypriot MEP Demetris Papadakis has told CNA, noting that just like other EU countries Cyprus is also in the eye of the storm.

In an interview with Cyprus News Agency, Papadakis speaks of the challenges ahead for both Cyprus and the EU and his own efforts within the European Parliament.

Replying to question as to the challenges at EU level for Cyprus in the near future, he notes that challenges do not just concern Cyprus.

There are huge issues which concern the EU and Cyprus should contribute in the direction of a solution for these problems, he says.

He refers first to the migration problem and the refugee crisis. According to Papadakis it is a problem which the EU has not solved. In essence it has been swept under the carpet or is to a great degree ‘dormant’. Had such challenges been resolved Europe would show that it can deal with problems but unfortunately, they have not been dealt with in the right manner.

The second greatest challenge for the EU today is terrorism, he said, adding that he takes part in a thirty � member strong Committee in the European Parliament on terrorism.

It is a committee which aims to gain a better understanding of the phenomenon of terrorism, to be informed on the protection of citizens’ fundamental rights as well as to come up with proposals on the ways to fight terrorism funding, he adds.

He does not wish to go into detail as a great part of the information the Committee sees is confidential.

The only thing I would like to say in relation to all this is that we should consider that this problem also concerns us apart from our travel to European cities, Papadakis points out.

Cyprus is also in the eye of the storm just like all the other EU countries, he stresses.

Referring to Brexit he expresses the view that Cyprus will have to hold its own bilateral negotiations with the UK and that he feels that we should exert pressure on the UK so that we can gain something on the Cyprus issue.

Asked where he will focus for the remainder of his term as an MEP Papadakis says that he is very active on relations with the Western Balkans. Noting that he is shadow rapporteur on Bosnia Herzegovine, he expresses the view that it is of strategic importance for the EU to be an influence in the region.

Papadakis is also a member of a committee on behalf of his political group S and D which has initiated contact with the Russian Duma.

According to the Cypriot MEP, Europe is an extension of Russia and Russia is an extension of Europe. A channel of conciliation should be found, he says.

Papadakis says that the Committee on Petitions, of which he is a member, is set to visit Cyprus next May for the matter of Famagusta.

We need to be properly prepared to gain something from that visit, he adds.

He also notes that in cooperation with all his Cypriot colleagues they are constantly alert on matters relating to the Cyprus problem.

Replying to a question as to whether he will be a candidate in the next European elections he says that he would be interested to continue what he has started.

Source: Cyprus News Agency