Televised message of the President of the Republic Mr Nicos Anastasiades on the recent development on the Cyprus problem

In the framework of my strong conviction that the people of Cyprus should be kept informed about important developments, and without any intention for confrontation with the political forces of the country, I wish to state the following:

Yesterday’s decision is an important development, because it removes the problems that were created in Mont PAlerin, without solidifying the deadlock through unforeseeable consequences, while preserving the momentum that existed, and determining that we continue from the point where the talks were interrupted.

Taking into consideration the serious risks that would have resulted from a protracted deadlock, even the termination of the entire process, it was the common position of the political forces that the talks must resume.

Remaining fully consistent with the positions I expressed both at the National Council Meeting, as well as publicly, with last night’s decision it was ensured that prior to the convening of the Conference on Cyprus the following will take place:

An intensive and substantive discussion on all pending issues in a combined manner including the criteria on the issue of Territory; The Turkish side has accepted and has committed itself that the submission of a map on the issue of Territory on a specific date is a precondition of this process.

Progress on the above issues will allow us to come within reach of an agreement by creating the conditions and prospects for a successful conclusion during the discussion of the fundamental issue of security and guarantees that will follow, with the convening of the Conference on Cyprus.

On the basis of the established position and methodology of the negotiations, nothing is considered agreed if a comprehensive agreement on all issues does not come about, thereby ruling out any form of mediation.

Neither does the fact that dates for the meetings have been set, in a process that started 18 months ago, nor that it lasts for 42 years, can be considered as the setting of tight timeframes.

Whatever the solution, it will be the result of the free will of both leaders. And I want to stress anew and to assure the Cypriot Hellenism that no solution will be placed before them if it does not satisfy their expectations and does not meet their reasonable concerns. Besides, those who will decide will be the sovereign people with their vote.

At these critical hours, I am in constant and close cooperation with the Greek Government, which remains firmly by the side of Cyprus.

Ensuring unity during these important developments is a critical requirement. That is why I called for the convening of the National Council next Wednesday. I appeal to the political forces to avoid whatever unfounded interpretations and statements.

The worst service we can offer to our country today is to negotiate among ourselves publicly and to cause confusion among the people.

Source: Press and Information Office.