TECHNOLOGY: Women employed as ICT specialists in Cyprus only at 14%

Only 14% of ICT specialists in Cyprus are women, making the profession a male-dominated one but in some countries it’s even worse.

In fact, Cyprus has one of the lowest proportions of women employed in technology and is way below the European average of 17%.

In 2018, around 8.9 million people were employed in the European Union (EU) as ICT specialists. The profession was predominately male, as only 17 % (1.5 million) of the ICT specialists were women.

Across the EU Member States, the lowest proportions of female ICT specialists were in Hungary (9 %), Czechia (10 %) and Greece (11 %).

The highest shares were in Bulgaria (28 %), Lithuania (25 %) and Romania (24 %).

Source: The Financial Mirror