Technical Committee on Gender Equality welcomes Uluda?’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination

The Technical Committee on Gender Equality strongly supports the Nobel Peace Prize nomination of our courageous colleague and friend journalist Sevgul Uludag.

Sevgul Uludag has worked hard to determine the fate of the missing of Cyprus, helping uncover and heal the deep pain experienced by all Cypriot communities, and has contributed greatly for reconciliation on the island. Sevgul Uludag was also one of the first women peace activists and gender experts on the island and deserves credit for her work on gender equality as well, the Technical Committee says in a press release.

It adds that everybody living in Cyprus had their share of pain and that it is crucial to acknowledge this pain and take steps to reconcile it.

We have a firm belief that Sevgul Uludag’s work, as well as her courage, empathy, resilience, and humanism is a great step towards this acknowledgement and well deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, the Technical Committee says.

Source: Cyprus News Agency