talks Cyprus President and Greek Premier may meet again late on Thursday to confer on next week’s peace

Government Spokesman ?ikos Christodoulides did not rule out a new meeting between the President of the Republic of Cyprus with the Greek Prime Minister, later this evening after Nikos Anastasiades briefing to his counterparts and the bilateral contacts that Greek Premier Alexis Tipras will have on the sidelines of the EU Council.

“After yesterdays meetings of the President of the Republic with the Presidents of the Commission and the Council, during which the latest developments in the Cyprus issue were discussed, I would say that there was a very constructive meeting between the President of the Republic and the Greek Prime Minister, during which two issues were discussed,” the Government Spokesman said.

As he explained, “there was a detailed briefing on the Greek Prime Ministers talks with the Turkish Prime Minister during his recent visit to Greece. Additionally the contents of the common draft document were discussed in connection with the negotiations on security and guarantees in Switzerland. The evaluation of the document continues and is expected to be completed today”.

Nikos Christodoulides explained that “today and tomorrow, the President of the Republic and the Greek Prime Minister are meeting with their European counterparts, and will discuss issues related to the negotiations that are expected to take place in Switzerland.”

“Tonight at the European Council there will be a discussion on developments in Turkey and the President of the Republic will inform his counterparts on developments in the Cyprus issue”, said Christodoulides.

He concluded stating that in this context “I cannot not rule out another meeting later tonight or early tomorrow between the Greek Prime Minister and the President of the Republic.”

Source: Cyprus News Agency