Surplus of Euros 13.5 bn in August 2016, for the EU28 current account balance

The EU28 seasonally adjusted current account of the balance of payments recorded a surplus of Euros 13.5 bn in August 2016, compared with surpluses of Euros 11.3 bn in July 2016 and Euros 8.2 bn in August 2015, according to estimates from Eurostat.

In August 2016, compared with July 2016, based on seasonally adjusted data, the surplus of the goods account increased (+Euros 11.7 bn compared with +Euros 9.7 bn), as did the surplus of the services account (+Euros 11.0 bn compared with +Euros 10.1 bn).

The deficit of the primary income account grew slightly (-Euros 2.3 bn compared with -Euros 2.2 bn), as did the deficit of the secondary income account (-Euros 6.9 bn compared with -Euros 6.3 bn).

The 12-month accumulated current account for the period ending in August 2016 recorded a surplus of Euros 160.5 bn, compared with Euros 149.6 bn for the 12 months to August 2015.

The surplus of the goods.

Source: Cyprus News Agency.