Sudan: National Unity Parties – Current Process in Addis Ababa Draws a Strategic Line for Ending the Conflict in Sudan

Khartoum – The National Unity Political Parties Council said negotiations on Darfur and the two areas draws a line upon which a strategic plan for ending the conflict in Darfur and the two regions, will be set.

The Secretary General of the Council Abdu Jabir who was referring to the current meetings and developments in Addis Ababa between the government and rebel movements’ delegations, said the Council supports the head of the state, President Omar Bashir, in his pledges for achieving peace in the Sudan.

Jabir has stressed in an interview to be published by the Sudan News Agency SUNA later, that the Council fully backs the President of the Republic Omar Bashir, for ending the conflict in Darfur and for securing the right of the citizens there to enjoy services and development projects executed in Darfur in implementation of the Doha Agreement for peace in Darfur.

He said carrying out the administrative referendum in Darfur on time would contribute in the peace process and in cementing stability, as this was a constitutional due right for the citizens in Darfur.

He pointed out that this was a commitment and a pledge made by the government for its people.

Source: All Africa