Students of FL & EPS Carry Out Social A Series of Responsibility Projects

Taking place under the coordination of Eastern Mediterranean University Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School Civic Involvement Projects organiser, academic staff member Mehsen Ercanlar and with the support of academic staff members Bahar Avsar and Almira Dykhanova, a project titled ‘Give A Book Give A Life’ was carried out by students of the FL & EPS.

As part of the project, participating instructors and students first visited Deniz Plaza Nicosia branch, where they were warmly welcomed by staff and directors of the said place. During their visit, students explained the aim of the project and asked for the support of Deniz Plaza. The visiting group then left the said venue and paid two more visits to Isik Bookshop and Rustem Bookshop. As a result of their visit to the said venues, students received book donations as support for their project. Upon finishing the visits, students visited Great Inn and spent the rest of the day in a nice, historical atmosphere.

Students of the FL & EPS and Cancer Patients’ Aid Association official Yildiz Yaman then carried out a book sale activity which aimed to raise funds for the said association. During the event which took place on Famagusta Salamis Road, books donated by the said bookshops were put on sale. Funds raised after the campaign were donated to the said association.

A second project by the same school was also carried out under the organisation of academic staff member Mehsen Ercanlar and the support of academic staff members Aysa Lama and Huseyin Demirel. Titled ‘Cittaslow Experience’, the project involved visits of observation to Mehmetcik, Bafra and Cayirova villages. During the visit to Mehmetcik, Mayor Cemil Saricizmeli provided information for students and responded to their questions.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University