Students of EMU Public Relations and Advertising Department Continue to Support Community

Eastern Mediterranean University Community Involvement Center has introduced another social responsibility project titled Hand in Hand for Children. The said project was implemented within the framework of the Campaign Design course delivered by EMU Communication and Media Studies Faculty, Public Relations and Advertising Department Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anil Kemal Kaya.

Following the obtainment of relevant permissions from Famagusta Police Directorate and District Governor’s Office, students of EMU Public Relations and Advertising Department organised a charity bazaar under the sponsorship of Famagusta Municipality and in collaboration with Famagusta Development Academy. During the meaningful organisation which received great interest from the locals, second hand clothes and shoes were put on sale.

Students talked about their feelings about the charity bazaar as follows:

First, we asked for the university’s permission to collect clothes. Then boxes for this purpose were placed at faculties and dormitories. Additionally, a group of supportive shop owners in Famagusta supported our organisation by donating clothes. After the collection of relevant items of clothing, we spent three weeks separating them. The clothes were then washed and prepared for sale under the sponsorship of TAlzun Dry Cleaner’s. Famagusta Municipality supported us regarding the sound system and formation of stamps. Interest towards the charity bazaar which took place in collaboration with Famagusta Development Academy on Salamis Road was great.Taking this opportunity, we extend our gratitude and appreciation to Famagusta community for their participation in our activity.

Funds raised at the end of the activity were donated to Kemal Saracoglu Foundation for Children with Leukemia and Fighting Against Cancer.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University