Students and activists clean up Coral Bay Beach from plastic waste

Students from the Apostolos Pavlos High School and members of the research centre AKTI collected and separated waste polluting the beach and the sea of the Coral Bay Beach.

The students collected, separated and recorded a total of 16kgs of waste. The greatest volume concerned cigarette buts the filters of which contain micro-plastics which flow in the marine environment. Cigarette buts were 65% to 70% of total waste collected by the students, followed by plastic straws which are considered dangerous because they damage fish stomachs, plastic bottle caps, earbuds used mainly by tourists as well as plastic bags.

The clean-up took part in the context of MELTEMI@ school and is part of the MELTEMI programme funded by the EU and participating countries national funds.

AKTI, Department of Fisheries and Marine Research take part in the project from Cyprus. MELTEMI is an Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean cooperation programme which has completed the first records of marine waste in Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus. The goal is to enhance the capacity of authorities and society to manage and reduce marine waste

Through a series of common actions which take part in all participating countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus) MELTEMI researches the problem of marine waste in selected areas, educates and trains children and adults on the extent of the problem while enhancing the capability of local actors to take targetted steps to deal with it.

In statements to CNA, coastal engineer and Chairwoman of AKTI Xenia Loizidou said that in Cyprus samples were taken and recorded from the beaches of Lara in the Akamas Peninsula and the Pharos beach in Pafos.

At the same time, in the context of MELTEMI@School action the first visits in schools in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania have taken place.

According to Loizidou students from the Apostolos Petros and Pavlos Lyceum, the Grammar School of Nicosia and the Panayia Theoskepasti and Apostolos Pavlos high schools took part in evaluating marine waste through samplings from AKTI.

Source: Cyprus News Agency