Strategic ties with Jordan are a fundamental pillar of Cyprus’ foreign policy, House President says

Developing strategic ties with neighbouring countries, such as Jordan, is a fundamental pillar of Cyprus’ foreign policy, with the ultimate aim of building a broader network of cooperation and creating an organisation of security and cooperation among the countries of the region, President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris said in his opening speech at the First Trilateral Meeting of Presidents of Parliament of Jordan, Greece and Cyprus, in the Dead Sea.

This aim, he said, was of major importance in the light of serious provocations and rapid developments in the broader region, Syllouris said, noting that in the case of Cyprus, these provocations originate in Turkey and concern both the Cyprus problem and the Republic of Cyprus’ inalienable rights within its exclusive economic zone, two issues relating to blatant violations of international law.

Syllouris expressed Cyprus’ gratitude for the support of Cyprus and Jordan in these issues, on a regional and international level.

He also assured that Cyprus supports the solution of the Middle East question in line with international law, and acknowledged the substantive contribution of Jordan in the peace process.

The peaceful solution of problems, in line with international law, will have multiple benefits for the Middle East, he pointed out.

Referring to the trilateral meeting, Syllouris said it underlined the three countries’ will to work for regional cooperation and aimed at enhancing their role as pillars of peace, security and stability in the broader region.

Syllouris said the parliaments had an important role to play in this direction, and referred to two initiatives currently in the pipeline in Cyprus, namely the creation of a Middle East Cooperation Centre and the introduction of Arabic in Cyprus’ educational system.

Source: Cyprus News Agency