Stop using Europe as the convenient scapegoat Dijsselbloem says

“Explain what Europe is and isn’t. And stop using Europe as the convenient scapegoat”. That was the basic message of the President of the Eurogroup (PEG) Jeroen Dijsselbloem at the annual Bruegel institute policy meeting where the President delivered the key note speech at an invitation only dinner.

“Im absolutely convinced that inequality is one of the biggest drivers of peoples concerns. So, fairness and equity should be the leitmotif in our approach today”. The President took a stance on the “way forward debate” , clearly denying the need for an integration rhetoric response: “The worse response to real problems is to simply repeat the old answer of more and deeper integration. That would be a flight forward with the risk of leaving everyone behind”.

Dijsselbloem stressed that to tackle populism, “solving the real underlying problems is one thing we ha …

Source: Cyprus News Agency