Statement by the President of the Republic following the conclusion of the Egypt-Cyprus-Greece Summit meeting in Cairo

Allow me to first express my special satisfaction for the fourth Egypt-Cyprus-Greece Summit meeting, which took place today, in Cairo.

I want, first of all, to thank you warmly Mr President for the hospitality and warm reception that you provided both to me and Prime Minister Tsipras.

Today’s Summit meeting was, in my view, completely successful with regard to the pursued objectives. In other words, the further deepening, consolidation and broadening of the trilateral mechanism through very specific actions, with the aim for it to form a model of constructive regional cooperation for the benefit of the people of the three countries.

The adoption of the Cairo Declaration affirms that the trilateral dialogue and cooperation promote, above all, the implementation of international law and the enhancement of security, peace stability and growth in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cyprus, Egypt and Greece have to address common challenges and problems; and it is in this framework that our already institutionalized cooperation intends to provide answers to these issues, without functioning against any third state.

Besides, it is the common ascertainment of the three countries that significant progress has been achieved with regard to our cooperation within the framework of the trilateral mechanism, and we discussed additional ways of cooperation in the sectors of energy, sea transport, tourism and agriculture. The establishment of the Common Committee on Cooperation that was decided in the previous meetings has already started to implement the actual and existing cooperation and to transform the goals that have been set into specific projects. Today, we agreed to broaden the dialogue even more, at all levels, and to further institutionalize our cooperation in international organizations.

We, Cyprus and Greece, have confirmed that we will continue to support the strengthening of the relations between the European Union and Egypt, especially on issues that promote peace and stability in our area, such as the fight against terrorism, security, stability and crisis management, as well as migrant flows.

Concurrently, we exchanged views with regard to the latest developments on regional issues, such as, among others, the situation in Syria, Libya and Yemen, but also on the peace process in the Middle East, and we agreed that there must be coordinated efforts by the moderate powers to address these regional challenges.

I want to express my gratitude for the unwavering and consistent support of Egypt over all these years in various fora and particularly the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation with regard to a just solution to the Cyprus problem. Egypt has always been a friend and closely related to our country. Our relationship in the last few years since President Sisi assumed power has reinforced even more, as well as its support to our country that unfortunately suffers from threats by third parties.

At the same time, I express gratitude toward the Greek Prime Minister. The support of Greece is long-lasting and unconditional and I feel the need to express the feelings of the people of Cyprus.

During today’s deliberations, it was our common understanding that the discovery of significant reserves of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean can and must function as a catalyst for broader cooperation at a regional level, thereby contributing to the welfare and the stability of the countries of our area, while also offering prospects for cooperation with Europe.

We also discussed, as Mediterranean countries, ways for the establishment of a mixed economic committee on blue economy issues, which will concern, among other things, the cooperation on sea transport, research, technology and innovation, maritime and coastal tourism, education and maritime environment.

We also adopted two Joint Declarations of Intentions: The first one sets the foundations for close cooperation in the field for the protection of maritime environment; and the second one determines, in general principles, the sectors for the additional cooperation on issues of sea transport, ports and partially tourism.

In closing, I would like to very warmly thank, one more time, the Egyptian President for the hospitality and the excellent organization of the meeting, and to assure both the President and my friend Prime Minister Alexis, that I look forward to the continuation and deepening of this cooperation for the benefit not only of our countries, but also of the countries of the area. I look forward to our 5th Joint Meeting, which I will have the pleasure and the honor to host in Nicosia.

Source: Press and Information Office.