Stakeholders team up for archaeology excellence hub in Cyprus

MedSTACH, European project, aims at establishing Cyprus as an excellence hub in archaeology and cultural heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean region, capitalizing on multidisciplinary research and technological innovation, Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Marios Demetriades has said.

He was addressing a Conference, on Tuesday, titled Eastern Mediterranean Science and Technology Centre of Excellence for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, which took place in the framework of the project carried out by Cyprus University of Technology and the University of Cyprus, along with relevant national policy makers and stakeholders.

Demetriades said that Cyprus seeks to establish strong collaborations and also to strengthen existing liaisons, adding that this is the way forward, in order to build the basis for further advancing the research which will enable Cyprus to grow, but also to develop its strategic role, as a central point in the eastern Mediterranean basin, to a greater extent.

Under the umbrella of the Ministry, and as the national policy-makers for the control of our rich archaeological record, but also through existing synergies and collaborations, we will work towards identifying the areas in the cultural sector that need to be further developed through the application of technological innovation and new research. This line of enquiry from our behalf is crucial, so as to form the mechanisms on which MedSTACH will develop in order to accomplish its objectives, he added.

The Rector of Cyprus University of Technology Andreas Anagiotos in his address said that MedSTACH’s mission and business strategy respond to the need for protection, promotion and valorisation of the island’s unique Cultural Heritage capital, thus addressing the Environmental Dimensions of Sustainable Growth, as defined by the Smart Specialisation Strategy for Cyprus.

The Rector also said that it is expected that the activities of the envisaged Centre of Excellence for archaeology and cultural heritage will contribute to on-going efforts to overcome the present economic crisis in Cyprus, as well as to reconstruct and transform the island’s economy and society according to the strategic framework Europe 2020. The depth and breadth of the collective expertise of MedSTACH consortium partners offers the unique potential to overcome local barriers and excel in Research and Innovation while promoting smart specialisation and sustainable job creation.

The MedSTACH proposal was awarded 0.4 million euros for a period of one year (Phase 1 of the Programme) in order to develop a business plan for the MedSTACH Centre of Excellence. That business plan will be submitted for evaluation to the EU during Phase 2 of the Teaming Programme, seeking funding of 15 million euros for a period of 5-7 years, with the possibility of an additional equal amount of national co-funding for a period of 15 years.

Deputy General Manager of Cyprus Tourism Organization Marinos Menelaou in his address said that such partnerships between the scientific and research community, the technology environment and public/private academia are indispensable, in the sustainable promotion of smart specialization, and the enrichment of the knowledge and knowhow, of all stakeholders involved.

He said that the CTO looks forward to the insights of this project in our efforts to develop, facilitate and promote Cyprus as an added value destination, for alternative and variable forms of tourism, based on our 10,000 year history and cultural heritage.

Such excellent synergies potential, which MedSTACH shall undoubtedly deliver, he added, promise best practice deliverables, which the Cyprus Tourism Organisation seeks, towards the sustainable development and improvement of our tourism, one of the most important industries for the Cyprus economy.

Source: Cyprus News Agency