Spokesman pays tribute to EOKA Liberation struggle

Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou paid tribute to today’s 1st April which marks the date when the EOKA rebellion for the island to gain independence against the British Colony began.

He told a gathering in Limassol that we are fighting with political means now to rid of the Turkish troops.

The armed anti-colonial struggle lasted for four years and lead to the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960, having three guarantor powers, Britain Greece and Turkey.

In 1974 Turkey invaded against Cyprus and since then occupies 37% of the Republics territory. Cyprus is a full EU member state since 2004.

Representing the government at the Limassol celebrations, the Spokesman said that today is a day for freedom in Cyprus and praised the EOKA struggle that brought an end to the colonial rule and gave freedom to the island.

It proved that the people deserved their freedom adding that nowadays, we have to fight again for the freedom of Cyprus through different means, political ones, however, we have to fight for the same ideals, for human rights and independence.

Through negotiations and taking advantage of the position we have gained in the EU, as well as any support we can find with the policies developed by the President of the Republic and the Government, “we will be able to renounce the Turkish rule, to end the occupation of Cyprus so that a reunited Cyprus will offer all its people the human rights and the freedom that in 1955-59 we showed that we deserve.

Source: Cyprus News Agency