Spokesman: Actions taken to prevent exploitation of Famagusta by Turkish side

Famagusta belongs to its legal citizens and the government and the Famagusta Municipality are taking actions to prevent any exploitation of the fenced-off town by the Turkish side, Government Spokesman Kyriakos Koushos said on Friday.

Referring to the issue of Famagusta and Saturday’s event organised by Turkish Cypriot so-called foreign minister Kudret Ozersay, Koushos said the government of the Republic of Cyprus will take all necessary diplomatic and political measures to thwart any plans of the Turkish occupation forces aiming at exploiting Famagusta in any way.

Speaking at the Presidential Palace, Koushos pointed out that Famagusta belongs to its legal citizens, adding that the Famagusta Municipality is protesting the issue.

Koushos noted that the Famagusta Municipal Council will be holding an informal meeting at the Dherynia crossing point to express its opposition to any actions that are against the handing over of the town of Famagusta to its legal citizens. He added that resolutions would also be adopted.

The Spokesman said all these actions are being made alongside those of the government.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third.

Source: Cyprus News Agency