The South African province of Gauteng, the country’s smallest but most populous, has decided to to license Uber driver partners as public transport operators.

“The aim is to ensure the continuation of a public transport service for the people of Gauteng, who have come to rely on Uber as a mode of transport,” said the Member of the Executive Council (MEC) for Roads and Transport, Ismail Vadi, here Monday.

He was speaking during the launch of the process of regulating Uber partner drivers as public transport operators. Under the Provincial Regulatory Entity (PRE) regulations, any public operator should be licensed.

The PRE regulates the issuing of public transport licences to qualifying public transport operators. It is also responsible for regulating public transport operators by registering public transport associations on its database.

“The (provincial Roads and Transport) department encourages the use of legal modes of public transport which assist with easing congestion and the carbon footprint in the province,” said Vadi, who also reminded passengers that they had an obligation to their own families to ensure that the modes of transport they used were operating legally.

By law, drivers are required to be have a driver’s licence, operating licence, roadworthy vehicle and to operate and drive within the rules of the road.

“It is within the above legislative framework that the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport will regulate Uber type e-hailing services. This will legitimise their operations in Gauteng and place them on an equally regulated footing with other public transport operators,” said Vadi.

Source: Nam News Network