SOCIETY: Cypriots are anxious, stressed and angry

Cyprus is one of the most stressed-out countries in Europe and is near the bottom on an international list portraying the anxiety levels of its citizens.

Despite the fact that Mediterranean countries are known for their laid-back lifestyle, Gallup’s Global Emotions Report shows that Cypriots are among the most stressed people on the planet, even more than people living in war zones.

While Cyprus came third in the poll, Greece came top with 59% of respondents saying they are experiencing anxiety.

The annual survey is based on a sample of positive and negative daily experiences gathered from more than 151,000 adults interviewed in more than 140 countries in 2018.

According to the survey, 51% of Cypriots when asked said that they had experienced anxiety in the last 24 hours, while 20% of the respondents said they were angry the day before, ranking Cyprus as the 8th most ” angry “country of Europe.

Regarding the feeling of sorrow, Cyprus occupied 5th place in Europe along with Portugal with 27%.

And 43% of Cypriots said they felt ‘worried’ with the country occupying 8th place in Europe in that particular category.

Some 59% of Cypriots said that they felt rested, which was not enough to take Cyprus beyond 30th in Europe and 44th worldwide.

The most rested people in the world can be found in Mongolia, while the Maltese appear to be the most chilled people in Europe. The most tired people are those living in Kuwait.

Cyprus does slightly better when it comes to smiling, as Cypriots finished in 10th. The country with the most smiles in the world is Nigeria, while the Netherlands was top in Europe.

Source: The Financial Mirror