Social Affairs Minister Rounds-Off Tour of Centre Region

By Elizabeth Mosima

The last lap of the contact tour was in the Mfoundi Division yesterday March 16, 2016.

The Minister of Social Affairs, Pauline Irene Nguene, ended a working visit in the Centre Region yesterday March, 16, 2016 in the Mfoundi Division. The last lap started at the Centre for Elderly People ( Bethanie Viacam) in Nkolmesseng in the Yaounde V Subdivision. On arrival, the minister was given a warm welcome by the officials of the centre, authorities of the Yaounde V Subdivision, parliamentarians and school children who sang the national anthem.

Speaking at the occasion the President of the Ad hoc Commission for the Viabilisation of the Centre, Rev. Fr. Desire Essama said the centre has hosted over 400 elderly people. Presently, the centre has eleven women and five men. He said the number has reduced due to lack of staff. Rev. Fr. Essama said the centre is faced with problems such as insecurity, lack of infrastructure and medical equipment.

Minister Paulline Irene Nguene had a brief working session with the officials of the Yaounde V Subdivision and parliamentarians on efforts to improving the centre. Pauline Irene Nguene assured them of government’s support on the improvement of the conditions of elderly people in the centre. The minister and her entourage moved to the Centre for the Rehabilitation of Visually Impaired (CJARC) in Ekie Yaounde. Pauline Irene Nguene said the goal of CJARC is within the framework of the priorities of the Ministry of Social Affairs. She called on the members to persevere in their efforts and promised to work with them for the empowerment of the visually impaired.

The minister also used the occasion to present the award for Social, Professional and Humanitarian Works awarded to the Director of CJARC, Coco Bertin Mowa, by the” Association Passerelles et Synergies des Camerounais” in France on November 14, 2015. She also visited the centre and the Louis Braille School in the centre.

The last stop was at the Centre for Children in Distress (CAED). Minister Pauline Irene Nguene said CAED is a privileged centre for the Ministry of Social Affairs. She said the Ministry knows the problems of the centre such as lack of specialised staff, infrastructure and the need for security. She promised to be back in the centre to see into the problems. She also encouraged the officials of CAED to persevere in their efforts and continue to work for the improvement of the conditions of the children.

Source: All Africa