Six deaths and 3.544 COVID cases announced between October 28-November 3, positivity rate at 5.62%

The Health Ministry announced on Friday that between October 28 and November 3, two deaths occurred due to COVID 19. Four more deaths occurred in 2021 but were reported later to the Ministry.


A male 87 years old and a 97-year-old female passed away October and November 2022 while 2 females and 2 males died between July and September 2021.


The total deaths since the pandemic broke out rose to 1.200.


Seventy patients are getting treatment in hospitals and 9 are in serious condition (2 are intubated and 7 are in an ACU).


Moreover 2 patients who are no longer infectious are intubated in an ICU.


A total of 63.104 tests were carried out and 3.544 new cases were detected (total of 602.662). The positivity rate (PR) now stands at 5.62%.


The PCR tests were 2.297, 173 cases were reported (PR 7.53%) whole the rapid tests were 60.807 and 3.371 came back positive (PR 5.54%).


On private initiative a total of 1.889 PCR tests were conducted and 110 cases were detected (PR 5.82%). The rapid tests were 39.377 and 3.138 came back positive (PR 7.97%).


A total of 21,430 rapid tests were conducted via the Ministry’s programs and 233 cases were reported. In testing units 12.624 tests were carried out and 121 cases were reported (PR 0.96%).


In high schools 400 tests were done and no cases were reported while in the army in 27 tests one came back positive (PR 3.7%).


In nursing homes 51 cases were recorded in a total of 4.977 rapid tests (PR 1.02%) while in closed units 60 tests were positive from a total of 3.402 (PR 1.76%).


Source: Cyprus News Agency