Situation in Cyprus with regard to cyber security evaluated by Oxford University center

The Global Cyber Security Capacity Center, at Oxford University, in collaboration with the Office of the Commissioner for Electronic Communications and Postal Regulations has conducted an evaluation of the current situation in Cyprus in relation to cyber security.

The evaluation aims to support the process of the assessment and review Cyprus’ Cyber Security Strategy, providing objective information and a better understanding of the areas where more emphasis should be placed on cybersecurity, a press release said on Tuesday.

Oxford University researchers conducted round-table discussions with a significant number of stakeholders from public sector bodies, legislators and policy makers, law enforcement, the sector of defence, universities, non-governmental organizations, electronic communication providers, banks, as well as the guiding team for the development of the Cyber Security Strategy, the press release noted.

The evaluation was carried out between 12 – 14 July and was based on a model developed by the University.

The implementation of Cyprus’ Cyber Security Strategy started in the second quarter of 2013.

The results of Oxford Universitys evaluation will help prepare recommendations to the government to improve existing state capabilities while providing useful information on policy making and prioritizing necessary actions.

Source: Cyprus News Agency