Shipping Deputy Minister in Netherlands to promote Cypriot shipping

Shipping Deputy Minister Vassilis Demetriades will pay a visit in the Netherlands, where he will hold a series of meetings with shipping companies, in a bid to promote Cyprus shipping.

According to an announcement by the Shipping Deputy Ministry, Demetriades departs on Wednesday and during his two-day stay in the Netherlands, he will present the strategic vision for Cyprus Shipping “SEA Change 2030”, Cyprus’ advantages as a center for shipping company activities and for registering with the country’s ship registry.

The announcement refers that as part of his visit, the Deputy Minister will attend the christening and launch ceremony of a newly built ship with the Cyprus flag. He will also talk to the media about current developments and challenges facing global shipping. Furthermore, he while present Cyprus’ approach, as well as national initiatives supporting the sector’s sustainable development.

Demetriades will be accompanied by Deputy Permanent Secretary, Liana Charalambous-Tanou and the Ambassador of Cyprus to the Netherlands, Francis Lanitou, the announcement concludes.

Source: Cyprus News Agency