SDF Advocates for Health Reforms

By Roland Mbonteh

The party’s Parliamentary Group has issued a declaration which was presented to the press in Yaounde on March 21, 2016.

Members of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) Parliament Group of the Senate and the National Assembly have exhorted the President of the Republic to thoroughly reform the Cameroon public health system. This is contained in joint letter addressed to the President of the Republic titled “SDF Parliamentary Group joint letter about the lack of health safety in Cameroon public hospitals”. The letter was read out to the press in Yaounde on March 21, 2016 at the SDF Parliamentary Group office by Hon Joseph Banadzem and Senator Jean Tsomelou in English and French respectively.

According to the SDF Parliamentary Group leaders for the National Assembly and the Senate, the recent death of a thirty-year -old Koumateke Monique who was pregnant with twins at the Douala Laquintinie Hospital and other cases cited in the letter paints a negative image and reputation of the country. The SDF Parliamentary Groups thus expressed their dismay to what they describe as criminal and unbearable situation, thus urging the high authority of the State to take strong and appropriate measures aimed at restoring order and build psychological serenity and confidence in the nation’s health facilities. The letter also recommends the reorganisation of the emergency services in the hospitals and health facilities so as to prepare them better for all contingencies.

Source: All Africa