Santa Claus of Sotira Municipality distributes reusable straws

Santa Claus of the Sotira Municipality in the Larnaka district distributed this year reusable straws that are environmentally friendly,

According to a press release by the Municipality, on Sunday, December 16th, an event was held from noon until the evening entitled Christmas Square.

The Municipalitys Santa Claus distributed Christmas gifts. In an attempt to raise awareness about the reduction of disposable plastic, which are a burden to the planet, Santa Claus distributed reusable straws, the press release says.

It adds that the initiative was carried out in cooperation with the Commissioner for the Environment, Ioanna Panayiotou, who attended the event.

The Commissioner congratulated the Municipality of Sotira for its activity and said that “all children today will get a reusable straw from Santa Claus”.

She added that plastics in the European Union amount to 50,000 tons each year and underlined that we must reduce the use of plastic.

Sotira Mayor Georgios Takkas said that the Municipality has launched a campaign for the use of recyclables.

He added that they proceed with new actions to reduce plastic and that these actions are promoted by the Environment Commissioner in cooperation with the Environment Department.

Furthermore, he said that this action is aimed at raising awareness among children and the general public about issues related to the reduction of plastics that make environmental and marine pollution worse.

This action falls within the framework of actions of the Municipality to encourage its local businesses to replace single – use straws with reusable ones.

The event wrapped up with a cultural program.

Source: Cyprus News Agency