Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU focused on cohesion

The priorities of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU during the first semester of 2019 were presented on Thursday by Daniela Sezonov-?ane, Charge d affaires at the Romanian Embassy in Nicosia.

The central theme of the Romanian Presidency is Cohesion as a common European value, she said, speaking at a press conference at the House of the EU. In order to advance further we need to understand and promote cohesion in all its dimensions, the political, the economic and the social dimension, she noted.

The Presidency, she explained, has defined its priorities assigned to the following pillars of action: Europe of convergence, a safer Europe, Europe as a stronger global actor and Europe of common values.

With regard to the first pillar, Sezonov-?ane explained that the aim is to ensure convergence and cohesion in Europe, in order to achieve sustainable and equal development opportunities for all citizens and member states.

The second pillar, she added, aims at consolidating a safer Europe through increased cohesion among EU member states in dealing with the new security challenges that threaten the safety of citizens and through supporting the cooperation initiatives in this field.

As far as the third pillar is concerned, the Romanian Presidency aims at further consolidating the global role of the EU through promoting the enlargement policy, the European action in its neighbourhood, further implementing the Global Strategy, ensuring the necessary resources for the EU and implementing all of the EU’s global commitments.

The fourth pillar aims at stimulating the solidarity and cohesion of the EU through promoting policies on combating discrimination, ensuring equal opportunities and equal treatment for men and women, as well as through increasing and involvement of the citizens, in particular the youth, in the European debates.

Furthermore, the Romanian Charge d affaires said that given the European elections in May, the Presidency would devote its efforts to advance and close as many legislative files as possible in the first few months of their mandate.

A milestone for the Presidency, she said, would be the Sibiu informal Summit to be held on the 9th of May, just ahead of the European elections. We aim at using this momentum for sending a message of unity within the European Unions and we hope for a fruitful advancement on the reflection on the future of Europe.

The negotiations on the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework will remain high on the agenda, according to the Romanian Charge d affaires. We aim to further advance negotiations on this strategic file, to ensure the timeline is met, she added.

On Brexit, Sezonov-?ane noted that we need to follow the situation and adopt our policies accordingly and assured that whatever happens the Romanian Presidency will cooperate closely with the European institutions and with the member states in order to follow all the institutional procedures arising from such developments, including those related to the implementation of the agreement after 29 March 201 or even later if it will be decided.

With regard to the future relationship, she said that the Romanian Presidency will aim at advancing the negotiation process in order to strengthen a comprehensive partnership that should reflect areas of common interest.

Asked about the Presidency’s intentions with regard to EU- Turkish relations, the Romanian Charge d affaires noted that we need to build up a reasonable and predictable relationship with Turkey given its status as a key European and Euro-Atlantic partner, so we need to have a constant dialogue with Ankara. She pointed out that for her country the EU – Turkey dialogue is also important in order to ensure stability and security in the Black Sea region and in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is also important for Cyprus. So the dialogue with Turkey will continue said Sezonov-?ane.

Source: Cyprus News Agency