Restoration of Panagia church to finish in second half of 2019, Technical Committee Head tells CNA

Conservation works in Panagia church, located in the Turkish-occupied village of Ashia, are due to be completed in the second half of 2019, according to Takis Hadjidemetriou, the Greek Cypriot Head of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage. The church was recently inundated after floods covered half the building under water. According to Hadjidemetriou, the Technical Committee will seek international expertise, to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Restoration works are also underway in the Agios Sergios and Vakchos church and the church of Agios Artemonas. The Technical Committee also plans to intervene in parts of the old Nicosia walls, in the occupied part of the Cypriot capital, by the end of winter.

Members of the bicommunal Technical Committee and UNDP visited on Wednesday the church of Panagia, together with Greek Cypriot refugees from the region. Speaking to CNA, Hadjidemetriou said that the visit is part of the Committee’s program to inform refugees from Ashia on the works’ progress.

This visit is part of our program, since we are not only repairing churches, but we also open the monuments to the people Hadjidemetriou said. He added that a similar visit was recently organized in the Agios Sergios and Vakchos church, in the Turkish-occupied village of Agios Sergios, in Famagusta, also informing Turkish Cypriot residents on the ongoing project.

Despite drainage measures, the Panagia Church was recently flooded once more after heavy rainfall in the region. Hadjidemetriou said that conservation works have started and are expected to be completed in the second half of 2019. The Committee will also seek international expertise on what to do in similar cases in the future, he added.

The Greek Cypriot Head said moreover that the Technical Committee launched tenders for conservation works in Agios Sergios church, in cooperation with UNDP and with EU funding. Works are about to start in Agios Artemonas church, in Afania, while the restored St. Anna church, in Famagusta, will be handed over in March, he concluded

Source: Cyprus News Agency