Residents Get Brief On Government Initiatives

Ngware – The district commissioner for Kweneng, Dr Temba Mmusi has expressed worry that some residents in rural areas fail to take advantage of government initiatives because they are not well informed on them.

Speaking at a kgotla meeting to inform residents about government empowerment initiatives at Ngware in the Letlhakeng Sub-district, he said people in rural areas needed to be educated so that they could benefit from the initiatives.

Dr Mmusi informed residents about government initiatives among them Tirelo Setshaba, the internship programme, arts competitions and the Target 20 000 programme which was planned under the Economic Stimulus Programme.

He encouraged residents to send their children to school so that they could benefit from the Target 20 000 programme.

Dr Mmusi also encouraged Ngware residents, especially the youth, to take advantage of the Youth Development Fund (YDF) to start businesses that would enable them to sustain themselves and create employment for others.

He said venturing into businesses through government initiatives would also help reduce the number of youth who register for Ipelegeng, and therefore freeing up more slots for the elderly and other less active members of society.

He also encouraged residents to make it a habit of visiting government offices to seek information and clarity where they do not understand, and that they should form village development committees as they could also help in the development of their village.

On other issues, Dr Mmusi encouraged residents to take care of their fields in order to avoid destruction by wild animals, especially that the government only compensates on the destruction caused by just a few species.

“You should also learn to come up with ways of co-existing peacefully with less harmful wild animals as they are also part of nature and would go extinct if killed at a high rate,” he said

Even though residents expressed gratitude over the district commissioners visit, they also narrated their needs, citing the road that connects them to Lephephe which they said was in a bad condition, hence the need for a tarred one.

When responding, Dr Mmusi promised that he would discuss the issue with relevant authorities, especially that he was also aware of the condition of the road.

Dr Mmusi is currently touring various villages around Kweneng to inform residents about government initiatives and programmes meant to empower them.

SOURCE: Daily News