Research and survey vessel Ramform Hyperion docks at Limassol port

Research and survey vessel Ramform Hyperion has docked at Limassol port, on Cyprus southern coast, to carry out seismic research in the Republics exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

The vessel arrived from the Mitsubishi shipyard, in Nagasaki in Japan, after she had carried out all the necessary tests in Singapore.

She is expected to carry out three-dimensional seismic research and surveys until mid August this year.

The Republic of Cyprus has issued a navigational warning (Navtex) with the precise coordinates within which Ramform Hyperion will operate and called on all vessels to be vigilant within a distance of 10 nautical miles from the Ramform Hyperion.

She carries 14 seismic cables, some 10 kilometres long which cover an area of 1.500 in width and she is accompanied by support vessels.

Earlier this month the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement with reference to the navigational warning (NAVTEX) no. 410/17, dated 19.04.2017, which was issued by Turkey and purports to reserve an area within the territorial sea, continental shelf and exclusive economic zone of Cyprus off the coast of Famagusta for the conduct of seismic surveys, between 21 April and 30 June 2017, by the survey vessel BARBAROS HAYREDDIN PASA and support vessel BRAVO SUPPORTER.

The Ministry emphasised that the NAVTEX was issued by an incompetent authority and is, therefore, invalid, noting the competence for the issuance of NAVTEX concerning the reservation of areas within the search and rescue region of Cyprus belongs to the Republic of Cyprus. In this context, proper actions were taken in order to inform all interested parties in relation to the invalidity of the Turkish NAVTEX.

It further emphasized that the announced seismic surveys within the territorial sea, continental shelf and exclusive economic zone of Cyprus, if materialized, would constitute a violation by Turkey of the sovereignty and sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus in its maritime zones under international law, both conventional and customary, as reflected in the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The government of the Republic of Cyprus reserves its right to act in a way it deems appropriate, in accordance with international law, in the event that the aforementioned activities by Turkey take place, the navtex points out.

Ramform Hyperion, launched March 2017, represents an enormously stable platform with outstanding seakeeping characteristics, that is capable of taking full advantage of our GeoStreamer� technology. This Titan-class ship can encompass virtually any acquisition design, and offers the best safety, efficiency and productivity in the industry.

Ramform Hyperions mutually redundant twin engine rooms provide a total power pack of 26.4 Megawats to drive three 6000 kW controlled pitch propellers: she can tow a full spread of dual-sensor recording equipment using just two of them.

This Ramform Titan-class vessel has 24 streamer reels, 16 abreast with a further 8 in a second row. This permits flexibility and efficient acquisition of high volume exploration 3D, or high-density 3D or 4D, and anything in between. The back deck layout is augmented by six independent source array handling booms. Together this arsenal of equipment enables faster deployment and recovery, with increased flexibility and safety, making it possible to more fully utilize the operational weather window. Steerable sources and streamers, and automated gear-handling systems further contribute to the flexibility and effectiveness of this flagship vessel.

Two stern-launched work boats permit safe streamer maintenance also in marginal weather. Maritime and seismic equipment maintenance can increasingly be carried out at sea without impairing operations. Dry-docking interval is 7.5 years.

Source: Cyprus News Agency