Remarks by the President of the Republic on the Cyprus problem

The Vice President of the United States of America has demonstrated once again the special interest he continues to have on Cyprus, on the solution of the Cyprus problem, the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, said tonight, referring to the telephone communication he had in the afternoon with Mr Joe Biden.

In his remarks to reporters, in Nicosia, President Anastasiades said that “once again (Vice President Biden) has demonstrated the special interest that he continues to have on Cyprus, on the solution to the Cyprus problem. I have briefed him on the current situation, and I called upon them to continue demonstrating the same intense interest also on the important chapters that will follow, so that we can achieve a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem”.

Invited to comment on remarks made by the Turkish Cypriot side about an agreement on the criteria and a simultaneous date for an international conference and the submission of a map, the President of the Republic said that “we are going for an agreement on the criteria, which will be reflected on maps that will be submitted. And if and when we agree on the criteria, which will by necessity be reflected on the map as well, or they cannot differ much from what the map will reflect, yes, it is possible to set a date at a time, which will certainly help the further elimination of differences or, and why not, towards the final conclusion.

The Cyprus problem is pending for 42 years, and it is not a problem that is being discussed during the last months.”

Source: Press and Information Office.