Remarks by the President of the Republic at the joint press conference with the leaders of the MED Group in Lisbon

The President of the Republic Mr. Nicos Anastasiades referred to the support of the heads of state and government of the Mediterranean member states of the EU with regard to the efforts for the solution of the Cyprus problem, in his remarks, today, at the joint press conference that followed the proceedings of the Summit Conference of the countries of the MED Group in Lisbon.

In his remarks, the President said that I would like to thank and to congratulate the Prime Minister of Portugal for the excellent planning of the Conference. There was an in-depth discussion of the broader problems and also of the challenges faced by Europe but also more generally by the European states of the south.

Concerning the wide scope of the issues, the Lisbon declaration speaks for itself. What is conclusively required is the implementation of the declarations in order to restore the credibility of Europe. If today there are populist movements or a radicalization growing, it is because many times we remain at the stage of declarations. The determination that was expressed by all seven of the leaders, and I am sure will be the case with the 27 in Malta and subsequently in Rome, is the best formula so that at last we will acquire or restore our credibility; to adopt specific measures that will beat unemployment, that will respond to the needs of the young people, to the need for encouraging and creating conditions for investments, to the creation of conditions for external and internal security, and more generally of a Europe that is worthy of us and which has been the vision of all of us.

I take the opportunity to express my warm thanks for the understanding demonstrated by the EU and more specifically by today’s Conference about the Cyprus problem. I had the opportunity to brief our friends, the heads of state and government, on the progress of the talks, the pending issues that exist, and the problems that we face. And I express my warm thanks, one more time, for the support they demonstrate so that through the need to achieve progress to have conditions created for a European state to restore its unity, and to also create those conditions that allow all its citizens, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, to live in peace within the rest of Europe.

Source: Press and Information Office