Remarks by the Minister of Agriculture Mr Nicos Kouyialis on the anniversary of the Restoration of Independence of Georgia

It is a true honor to be here this evening to celebrate with you the anniversary of the Restoration of Independence of Georgia, as well as the 25th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Cyprus and Georgia.

This festive day provides the opportunity to reaffirm the good level of the bilateral relations between Cyprus and Georgia. Our countries have managed to establish a comprehensive, close and time-tested cooperation in various policy fields, which is reflected at the political level, the economic interaction, as well as through tourism and people-to-people contacts.

The strong historical ties between Cyprus and Georgia are still evident nowadays. Georgian cultural heritage in Cyprus has a lot to tell, as the Yialia Monastery in the Paphos District echoes through the centuries.

Our people, at present, enjoy a deep-rooted friendship. No doubt, geographic location had predetermined for both of us our turbulent histories. We share a firm belief that in an increasingly interdependent and interconnected world, the common ideals of peace, freedom, social justice and economic well-being are best attained by fostering mutual understanding and meaningful cooperation in the collective fight against old and new challenges. We stand ready to enhance our relations, especially in the vibrant fields of business, trade, economy and investment.

Mr Ambassador, seizing this opportunity, I would like to commend your instrumental contribution to the significant development of our diplomatic ties.

Dear Friends,

I also wish to avail myself of this occasion to underline the mutual support to our efforts for territorial integrity and the unity of our countries. Cyprus supports the efforts to address all humanitarian issues related with the conflict in Georgia and we look forward to the culmination of diplomatic efforts to resolve these problems. Namely, Cyprus supports a pragmatic and constructive approach in the framework of the Geneva Discussions, and follows the non-recognition and non-engagement policy. It is of imperative importance that the current peacemaking process stays alive. It would be a serious blow, for regional and global stability, to face a future escalation on the ground, or deal with the issue as another frozen conflict in the EU’s periphery.

The framework of the relations between Georgia and Cyprus is defined, as well, by Cyprus’s EU membership and the Georgian people’s desire for the closest possible link with the EU. I wish to assure you that Georgia has Cyprus’ support in this regard. At the same time, let me warmly congratulate you for your constant and sincere efforts to gain EU visa liberalization, something which has been finally granted. Cyprus, as it is well-known, had a firm and supportive role towards this goal.

Last but not least, allow me to say that we remain truly appreciative for the presence of the vibrant Georgian community on the island. Their active contribution to the economy and social life of Cyprus, as well as the cultural wealth they brought with them, is indeed invaluable.

I raise my glass and wish to the Government and people of Georgia prosperity, progress and good health. Gaumarjos! (E?? ??e?a?).

I thank you.

Source: Press and Information Office