Remarks by the Government Spokesman on the meeting of the President of the Republic with the Prime Minister of Ireland

Cyprus and Ireland have decided the establishment of a Working Group in order to assess Brexit’s repercussions on the two countries, said the Government Spokesman, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, referring to the meeting of the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, with the Irish Prime Minister, Mr Enda Kenny, yesterday in Dublin.

Speaking to journalists, yesterday evening, following the meeting of the President of the Republic with the Prime Minister of Ireland, the Spokesman said that “a very constructive meeting took place that reflects both the high level of relations between the Republic of Cyprus and Ireland, as well as the very friendly relations between the President of the Republic and the Irish Prime Minister.

During their meeting, the Cyprus problem and the latest developments were discussed. As you know, Ireland has maintained, over the years, an interest in the developments on the Cyprus problem. Ireland is present in Cyprus through its participation in the UN peacekeeping Force since 1964.

At the same time, developments on the Cyprus problem render necessary a discussion at the European Council level; it is an initiative of the President to continuously brief the members of the Council, and within this framework, the President took advantage of the opportunity to brief the Irish Prime Minister.

Our bilateral relations were discussed, and there is a will by both sides for the strengthening of our relations in the economic sector, with special emphasis on issues of commerce and tourism.

Moreover, the agenda of the Councils of the EU was also discussed, with emphasis on the exit of Britain from the EU, and generally, on the future of Europe. The establishment of a Working Group was agreed, which will deal with the consequences of the exit of Britain, especially for countries like Cyprus and Ireland which have special bonds with Britain. Through this Group ,we will see how we can cooperate so that the interests of the two countries can be fully safeguarded; and to see, following Britain’s exit, on issues where there was a common approach with the British, how the interests and the wishes of the two countries are best safeguarded.

Also discussed was the Migration issue in connection with what is happening in Syria, regional developments, and taking into consideration that in the forthcoming European Council the issues pertaining to Turkey’s relations with the EU will be discussed, with emphasis on the issue of entry visa liberalization. There was an exchange of views about developments in Turkey and how the EU must approach the particular issue, as well as about the need for Turkey to fulfil all the prerequisites so that such an issue can be examined.”

Source: Press and Information Office.