Remarks by the Government Spokesman about the Conference on Cyprus, Geneva

Today is a historic day for the Cyprus problem, said the Government Spokesman Mr. Nikos Christodoulides.

In his remarks to reporters today, on the sidelines of the Conference on Cyprus in Geneva, the Spokesman said that today is a historic day for the Cyprus problem. The Conference on Cyprus commenced with the chapter on Security and Guarantees as the exclusive item for discussion.

As the UN Secretary General very rightly stated earlier, today is the beginning of a discussion, of a dialogue, certainly not an easy dialogue, which, however, at the same time, we hope that through the exchange of views that will take place, and above all with the willingness of the involved parties but more importantly (through that) to arrive at a solution that will reflect today’s facts for a member-state of the EU; we hope that it will bring a positive result.

On our part, we participate in this process with absolute seriousness and we hope that we will be led to positive results. The road will not be easy; the process will not be easy. It was not something that we did not know, but we are here to take advantage of this opportunity and it is the beginning of a dialogue, of a discussion, which we hope will lead to positive results.

Asked about the presence of the EU at the Conference, he said that the EU was present at the highest possible level. The Spokesman added that the office of Mr. Tusk communicated with us to let us know that there was an understanding between Mr. Tusk and Mr. Juncker that at the present meeting the EU, as a whole, is represented by Mr. Junker. It is important that he is accompanied by Mrs. Mogherini.

Mr. Christodoulides said that the interventions of both Mr. Juncker and Mrs. Mogherini leave us completely satisfied because they describe precisely the obligations of the EU toward its member states on the issues that relate to security.

In response to a question, the Spokesman said that through the intervention of the President of the Republic it was very clear that positions were expressed in his capacity as the leader of the Greek Cypriot community and positions were expressed in his capacity as the President of the Republic of Cyprus, a member state of the EU. It was very clear that the President of the Republic was here with these two capacities.

Source: Press and Information Office