Registrations of motor vehicles rise significantly in first nine months

The total registrations of motor vehicles increased significantly by 31.4% to 25.375 in January-September 2016, from 19.307 vehicles in the same period of 2015, the Statistical Service (Cystat) announced on Friday.

A CyStat report titled “Registration of Motor Vehicles” said that passenger saloon cars increased to 20.991, from 16.070 in January-September 2015, i.e. there was an increase of 30.6%. Of the total passenger saloon cars, 9.670 or 46.1% were new and 11.321 or 53.9% were used ones.

Goods conveyance vehicles also increased by 40.3% to 2.188 in January-September 2016, compared to 1.559 in January-September 2015.

Light goods vehicles were up by 37.4% to 1.866, from 1.358 in January-September 2015, whereas heavy goods vehicles increased by 51.4% to 212 in January-September 2016, from 140 in January-September 2015.

Source: Cyprus News Agency.