Recycling up by 11% in 2016, Green Dot says

Recycling was up by 11% in 2016 according to Green Dot.

In its annual report for the year, the NGO says that in 2016 a total of 16,871 tonnes of materials were collected, of which 24,092 tonnes were household packaging and 36,779 commercial packaging.

In 2015 the quantity of materials collected waw 51,187 tonnes, which consisted of 23,809 tonnes in household and 27,378 tonnes in commercial packaging.

Therefore, it is noted, we had an increase in the order of 19% in the collection, despite a drop recorded in consumption of the order to 2%.

As far as recycling is concerned, there was according to Green Dot recycling of 52,823 tonnes of materials in 2016 compared to 47,719 tonnes in 2015, an increase of the order of 11% in recycling.

It is added that on the basis of new reporting data for our licensing, a significant quantity of paper collected is not categorised as packaging but as other paper.

In 2016 this quantity of other paper recycled stands at 5,110 tonnes, while in 2015 it was 5,143 tonnes, it said.

In total, we have exceeded by 34.7% the year’s recycling target (60%) but we have also exceeded by 39.7% the goal of recovery for the year (65%), which are very improved outcomes in relation to last year, it is added.

According to the NGO wood continued to be a challenge in 2016 since despite having a wood manager, results are still too small.

In 2016 the wood recycled was at 3.56% compared to the target of 15% and it is hoped that the situation will improve in 2017 after the reconstructed palets are approved as recycling by the relevant authority.

It is further noted that the goals for metal and plastic have been exceeded as well as the targets for paper, despite the differentiation of the definition of packaging paper which is recycled.

On the other hand, according to the NGO glass constitutes a great challenge due to the significant rise in its targets up to 60% from 15% previously.

While its performance for 2016 is at 47.1% which is improved compared to 2015 when it was recorded at 39.3%, Green Dot says, this performance is still far away from the new target of 60%.

New coordinated efforts, the report says, “are under way in order to improve performance of the existing bins while new bins in professional premises not serviced so far will be place in new areas.

It is also pointed out that professional premises should be obligated to take part in the collection from the source system, since significant glass quantities are lost from premises which have recycling bins but only choose to recycle from time to time, while others do not take part at all in glass recycling despite having the bins.

Source: Cyprus News Agency