Recent COVID-19 developments in Cyprus President – scientific advisory team meeting

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades discusses on Friday morning recent developments in the management of the coronavirus pandemic in the country during a meeting with the scientific advisory team on COVID-19, following a spike in new cases particularly in the Limassol region.


The meeting at the Presidential Palace takes place after 13 new COVID-19 cases were announced on Wednesday by authorities, the highest daily tally in some time and another 10 yesterday, 8 of which from Limassol, which have sounded the alarm to epidemiologists and the government and have prompted public appeals to the public to stop being complacent and to follow the necessary protective measures.


The Minister of Health is holding a press conference after the meeting at the Presidential Palace during which he is expected to make announcements.


Petros Karayiannis, a member of the scientific advisory team on COVID-19 and professor of microbiology and molecular virology at the University of Nicosia’s Medical School did not rule out yesterday in statements to CNA that the use of protective masks in indoor places may become mandatory.


During the meeting, which is set for 1000 hours local time (0700 GMT) it is expected that decisions will be taken about police and health checks conducted by authorities in various premises.


Source: Cyprus News Agency


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