Rasilient Systems Announces Successful Completion of Milestone Solution Partner Certification

SANTA CLARA, California, Jan. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Rasilient Systems Inc., the pioneer in video surveillance systems purposely architected for IP video recording, announced today the successful completion of its solution partner certification with Milestone Systems, a global leader in IP video management software and surveillance solutions.

“The NFD systems from Rasilient Systems Inc. exceeded our expectation with an impressive level of performance,” said Mike Tarras, Milestone’s Solutions Integration Engineer responsible for partner certification. “During our test, the NFD systems integrated with Milestone’s XProtect VMS did not drop a single frame of video over the entire test period, while supporting 1,000 high definition video surveillance cameras streaming 25FPS at 2Mbps.  Additionally, we intentionally triggered a disk failure to invoke a RAID rebuild and the Rasilient NFD system still did not drop a single frame of video.  We have never seen this level of performance and reliability in all our prior partner certification tests.”

“Our customers designing, installing and operating surveillance systems with Rasilient’s NFD systems running Milestone can be confident that the system will record video reliably in a variety of conditions for applications in education, government, financial institutions, casinos, large shopping centers, airports, and other video critical applications,” said Reinier Tuinzing, Milestone’s Strategic Alliances Manager, Americas.

“Rasilient’s patented NFD technologies change the architecture of IP video surveillance systems.  They enable our servers and storage systems to deliver superior video data recording performance and reliability to eliminate recording gaps, a key problem of other IP surveillance storage systems based on IT data storage architecture.  Recording gaps mean lost images which could cost a company unmeasurable financial damages.  The values of our systems are clearly demonstrated in Milestone’s tests,” said Sean Chang, Founder and CEO of Rasilient Systems.

For more information on Rasilient Systems Inc., please go to www.rasilient.com. For a copy of the test report generated by Milestone Systems, please go to http://rasilient.com/milestone-solution-partner-certification/.

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