Provisions leading to Cyprus solution collapse not acceptable, President says

We can not accept provisions of a Cyprus solution if that will lead to its collapse the next day, President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades has said.

Speaking on Labour Day, on Monday, at the inauguration of the Workers Park of the Cyprus Workers Confederation (SEK), the President said that every leader of the Greek Cypriot side has the responsibility to give a battle for the interests both of the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots as well, but foremost of the community he represents, and as a result it is not possible to accept such provisions of a solution that will collapse on the next day.

Everyone, he added, should realise that the concerns of the Greek Cypriot side must be respected as well.

Everyone should realise – and my message is not only for the internal front but also for the Turkish Cypriots- that just like we have shown sensitivity as regards the concerns of the Turkish Cypriots, we have the same demand that they have the same approach to our legitimate concerns, he said.

The President added that many a time instead of the rights of the Cypriot people, demands are put forward on the negotiating table which serve the interests of third parties.

Calling for unity in the internal front, he said that we have to be united to achieve the ultimate goal which is the reunification of our country and its liberation from occupation forces.

He stressed that he will continue to take part in the dialogue in order to achieve a viable solution of the Cyprus problem, that would create prospects for future generations.

Meanwhile, asked by journalists what he expects from the meeting he will have today with the Turkish Cypriot leader, he expressed hope that the preparation done already will pave the way for progress.

Asked whether this progress will lead to a new Conference in Geneva, the President asked on his turn the journalists not to be in a hurry.

The President, in his speech sent the message that the government will continue to give emphasis on the problems of the society, especially unemployment and workers rights.

He also praised the trade unions for their responsible position during the financial crisis and said that growth of the economy is now recorded by the international rating agencies.

The Republic of Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied its northern third. The latest round of UN-facilitated peace talks began in May 2015 with a view to finding a negotiated settlement to reunite the island under a federal roof.

Source: Cyprus News Agency