Procedures underway for Cyprus-Greece ferry link

Authorities and the parliament have expressed their readiness to proceed with the ferry connection of Cyprus and Greece, during Friday’s meeting of the parliamentary Committee on Transport.

The Shipping Deputy Ministry is set to carry out the viability and cost study, and is already in contact with the Hellenic Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy.

Speaking after the meeting, Deputy Minister for Shipping Natasa Pilides said the ferry connection with Greece was one of the main aims of the Deputy Ministry.

She said the link could become viable in the long term and that discussions with the Greek Ministry would be wrapped up by the end of next week. Pilides added that the study was expected to be concluded within ten weeks from the day the contracts are signed.

The next step, she said, was to apply for funding from the European Commission, and then it would be decided if additional funds would be needed from the state, which would have to be approved.

Deputy Minister for Tourism Savvas Perdios told the Committee that the ferry link should offer high standards to attract quality tourism.

Perdios said efforts should be made not to turn Cyprus into a destination tourists visit for only a few hours.

Source: Cyprus News Agency