Problems from dumping inert materials at Paphos wholesale market

The dumping of inert materials in the area of the Paphos wholesale market is a headache for the citizens there, and the Community President of Konia is talking about an invasion of rubbish in his community, while the Paphos Municipality is assuring that all efforts are being made in cooperation with the authorities to solve the problem and move the materials to licensed sites, and the Yeroskipou Mayor is pointing out that another place to dispose of the waste must be found.

CNA spoke with representatives of all sides involved in the issue, as well as the Movement for the Salvation of Paphos.

President of the Community Council of Konia, Kyriacos Kyriacou, told CNA that the rubbish has invaded his community and blamed the contractors of projects for the mess. He pointed out that, according to the contracts, it is their responsibility to move the inert materials to a licensed place, which is in Monagrouli.

Because the contractors did not do their duty, as they should have, the Paphos Municipality found this temporary solution, which however has started to cause problems in neighbouring areas, such as the community of Konia and the Yeroskipou Municipality, Kyriacou said.

He noted that efforts would be made to meet with the Paphos Municipality with an aim to make a coordinated effort to persuade the competent Ministry to designate an area for the materials to be transferred to, before the Summer period.

President of the Movement for the Salvation of Paphos, Michalis Hadjimistis, also expressed his opinions on the issue.

He said that in March, Minister of Agriculture Nicos Kouyialis promised to solve the problem, but so far nothing has happened.

Meanwhile, due to the mess, citizens have begun dumping their rubbish in the area, while nearby there are also 200 abandoned vehicles.

Hadjimitsis also said that the volume of the rubbish is growing day by day, and warned that as the Summer is closing in, the danger of a fire is also growing.

Asked to comment on the outcry, head of the Health Services of the Paphos Municipality, Christos Christou, said that the issue arose after the closing of the area for dumping inert materials.

He explained that all the materials were within the inhabited areas of the Paphos Municipality, which led to a great eyesore for the residents and the citizens of Paphos, as well as tourists.

Christou said the Municipality’s Services had no choice but to temporarily move the inert materials to plots belonging to the Municipality.

He added, however, that every effort was being made with the services of the Ministry of Agriculture to solve the problem and move the materials to licensed installations, and clean the areas that have been used as dumps for the inert materials.

Yeroskipou Mayor Michalis Pavlides pointed out that it was an urgent need to find a place to dump the inert materials, not only for the Yeroskipou Municipality, but the broader area.

Pavlides said that since the previous site for dumping inert materials closed down, waste is being dumped in ditches, and it would cost the Municipality a lot of money to clear them.

Furthermore, he said that he was recently informed that early next month a private site for the collection of inert materials would be operated by a private company.

Kyriacos Antoniou, Director of Poullas Tsadiotis company, which lodged the application, said that his company has all the equipment necessary and was ready to receive the inert materials as soon as it obtained the permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Environment.

Antoniou said the private site was in Androlykou, where there was a permit for a landfill, which could take the materials that were not needed.

He also noted that his company has applied for two permits, one for Paphos and one for Polis Chrysochous.

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Source: Cyprus News Agency