PRESS RELEASE BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Inauguration of a community hall in Swieqi – Strengthening our communities

During the inauguration of a new community hall in Swieqi yesterday, Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Stefan Buontempo stated that “it is such initiatives that truly improve our citizens’ quality of life. It is with such projects that we can keep on raising our community standards”.

A new community hall has been inaugurated at the Swieqi Local Council with the aim of serving as a civic space for local activities. This multipurpose hall will be used for the organisation of exhibitions, educational courses, keep-fit sessions, activities for the elderly and people with special needs, amongst others.

During the inauguration ceremony, Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Stefan Buontempo commended the Swieqi Local Council for this initiative saying that this new space can now be used by philanthropic and non-governmental organizations as a meeting place for their activities.

Buontempo continued by stating that “the Government is assisting local councils and this is being done by means of an increase of 9% in the financial allocation to local councils, resulting in more than a 45 million euro allocation”. The Parliamentary Secretary also said that with regards to Swieqi Local Council, this locality has been given an increase of 14%.

He also congratulated artists Joe Farrugia and Anton Abela for the art exhibition put up especially for the inauguration of this hall.

Swieqi Mayor Noel Muscat said that this facility was unique for the locality as there were no schools or social organizations where one could meet or set up community events in Swieqi.

Muscat added that it is a pleasure for him to see such projects taking place, with the Central Government’s assistance. He augured for more enthusiasm amongst his fellow councillors and those volunteers who dedicate their time for the benefit of their community.

Source: Government of Malta.