President’s Office Director presents government projects through Exantas website

The value of the 440 projects already concluded reaches Euros 597 million, while another 153 projects are under construction with a budget of Euros 1.10 billion and a further 160 projects costing Euros 1.09 million are in the pipeline, Petros Demetriou, Director of the Office of the President of the Republic said on Friday, presenting the first update of Exantas, which allows interested parties to follow the implementation of the government’s programme.

Demetriou said the figures confirm that development projects are continuing and that there are 787 projects posted on the presidency’s website, with a total cost of Euros 3.048.8 billion.

He noted that 34 projects costing Euros 252.6 million were stalled.

Demetriou said the website also contains 341 reforms, political decisions, actions, and national strategies.

Exantas can be found at and Demetriou noted that it would continue to be updated and enriched, to allow citizens to observe and evaluate the government’s work.

Source: Cyprus News Agency