Presidents of Parliament of Small European States adopt Joint Declaration in Nicosia

The vital role of the parliaments of Small European States in promoting digital transformation and Cyprus’ bridging role in furthering cooperation with Middle Eastern countries are among the issues, highlighted in the Joint Declaration adopted on Wednesday following the 13th Conference of Presidents of Parliament of Small European States.

The conference, hosted by the Cyprus House of Representatives on November 26 and 27, in Nicosia, was attended by the Presidents of Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus, the Republic of Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Principality of Monaco and Montenegro.

Wrapping up the conference, participants decided that Montenegro will host the 14th Conference in 2020, the Principality of Monaco will host the next one in 2021, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg the one after in 2022.

Speaking during a press conference, House President Demetris Syllouris expressed the joint will of participants to continue their exchanges, which contribute in their mutual understanding and in promoting actions for the benefit of the people.

Syllouris summed up the positions of those taking part, especially with regard to the need of countries adjusting to the digital era and becoming pioneers in that field. He also referred to the contribution of parliaments in furthering economic cooperation by encouraging exchanges that promote investments and by adopting a suitable legislative framework.

Referring to the 3d section of the conference, Syllouris said that participants acknowledged the positive contribution of cooperation among small European countries for the welfare of people with rare diseases.

The Presidents of Parliaments of Montenegro, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Monaco also addressed the press conference, highlighting the positive impact of interparliamentary cooperation for their societies and economies.

A Joint Declaration was adopted at the end of the conference, where the Presidents of parliaments acknowledge the vital role of the institutions they are heading in adopting comprehensive legislation to equally encourage the successful transformation of their economies and the responsible use of new technologies, to the benefit of their citizens’ welfare and quality of life.

They also acknowledge Cyprus’ good neighbourly relations with countries of the Middle East and appreciate the use of its bridging role, to promote cooperation between Small States of Europe and the Middle East region.

Moreover, they highlight the contribution of Parliaments to economic diplomacy through encouraging synergies and economic exchanges, promoting investments and adopting comprehensive regulatory frameworks, to create favorable environment for businesses and workers alike, which can be particularly beneficial to small states.

Parliament Presidents note finally that cooperation in the field of rare diseases is an excellent example of how the Conference of Parliaments of Small European States can contribute positively to their citizens’ welfare and quality of life.

Source: Cyprus News Agency