President: We hope that the Turkish side will cooperate to convene a new Conference on Cyprus

Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades has expressed hope that the Turkish side would cooperate to enable the Secretary General to convene a new Conference on the Cyprus problem.

He also said that next week he would analyze the situation to the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy Jane Jane Holl Lute, who will be in Cyprus on Monday to sound out the intentions of the two sides in an effort to establish whether a new conference can take place, to help find a negotiated settlement, to reunite the country, divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion.

Let me make one thing clear: what we have been claiming and are still claiming today in order to find a viable and functional solution and create a normal state, cannot be under discussion. Nor can we bargain on all this, he stressed in his address on Thursday night at the unveiling of a memorial dedicated to the “Mother of Missing Persons.

“I hope that the other side will also cooperate to enable the SG to convene a new Cyprus Conference, so that through this process we can have some prospects of success,” he said.

He expressed hope that everyone, in particular the country which has the primary responsibility for the current situation and the difficulties in the effort to find a negotiated settlement, will realise that Cyprus, being an EU member, neither needs nor can have guarantees from any third country.

We do not want the presence of an army because we are not in danger from anywhere. We are friends with all the neighbouring states and we have developed stronger ties than we have had in the past,” the President stressed.

The President assured once again that he is determined to work for a solution, that would not leave the sense of injustice which the 1960 London-Zurich Agreements, which established the Republic of Cyprus, did.

A deal based on injustice will be doomed to collapse,” he pointed out.

Cyprus marks today the 44yh anniversary since the 1974 Turkish invasion. The latest round of peace talks, in July last year, ended inconclusively.

Source: Cyprus News Agency